A Teacher for Each Student

Every student deserves a great teacher. Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe that everyone deserves something special made just for him or her? I certainly believe in this optimism. As a student, I did not agree with every teacher I was taught by. I certainly had more than a few that I could have lived without. What made me want to become a teacher was not the multitude of educators that disappointed and at times harassed me. It was the select handful that reached me on an individual level and asked me to be bigger than myself. 

As an educator today, I realize that I am not meant to be the “favorite” teacher of every student I meet. I realize that more than enough of my students will look at me and scoff at my high standards and strict disciplined ways. I also realize that as I reach out to each student in my own way, I will have those that respond positively to my teachings and manner. They may never say it, and I don’t think I have to hear it, but in my heart of hearts, I know it to be true.

As a teacher, I do not get to choose what a student will remember about me. Nor do students get to choose what I will remember about them. That is why I am constantly reevaluating my motives in and outside the classroom, so that my most flattering view is remembered the most. Plus there is truth in the old adage of faking it until you make it. Making a difference in one life really does make each day more than worth it.