The Rithmatist: Book Trailer

Whoever said you would never use geometry after high school was wrong, dead wrong! Rithmatists use a combination of geometry, art, history, and good old fashion gumption to thwart their enemies in every battle.

Author, Brandon Sanderson, brings alive an engaging tale of intrigue and battle hardened heroes in this first book of this new series, The Rithmatist. Students are trained in the war art of infusing life into two-dimensional figures known as Chalkings to fight off Wild Chalkings in the dangerous territory of Nebrask, yet not all are chosen by the Master to do his bidding as a Rithmatist in this age. Some like our protagonist, Joel, must sit idly by while others solve the mysteries of new threats seeping through the school’s campus. Or does he? Check out this Book Trailer for yourself. A world which combines the power of ART and MATH to create something truly sinister…


Authoring Friendship

Since I was in grade school, I have wanted to be a writer. In sixth grade, a friend of mine and I decided to create a writing club. Each week we would write short stories and illustrate them any way we wanted. Then we would read each other’s stories and judge who the winner was. I don’t remember any of those stories or who “won” the awards at the end of the week. What I remember is feeling vibrant and challenged. No one asked us to write stories in our spare time. This same friend and I would create our own “radio” shows. We would have a script full of ads, musical songs we had learned in Mrs. Woeppel’s music class, and mini dramas. We would tape them, and I do mean “tape” them on actual cassette tapes. As time went on, that friendship turned into cut-throat competition and fizzled as many childhood friendships do.

As I look back at the person who challenged and inspired me, I am saddened that I did not fight for that friendship. Little girls are taught to be strong, bold, and independent. We are told that we are not only brawnier than the men that surround us; we must also cut out all other women who get in our way as well. The two friends listed above could have become great confidants and colleagues. We had so much in common then and still do today, yet the friendship is not there. We are mere facebook “friends.”

My cry is that this does not happen to you. I cannot go back and change the past. There were concrete reasons for our parting, which go way beyond theatrical competitions. I am sure there were, though I honestly cannot remember the details. What I do remember is a girl my age, my height, and as theatrically passionate as I was who is no longer an integral part of my life.