Building a Legacy

What is a legacy, and how do you build one? This very question has been asked by the KPHS school improvement team earlier this month. Building a legacy denotes the foundation upon which students are currently processing and enabling them to “build” further by utilizing personal talents and abilities in a safe learning environment. The staff at KPHS has seen how students need a sense of purpose and pride in our school and community. It was these very needs that lead the school improvement team to desire to build a legacy within our students and staff throughout the coming school year.

Throughout the up coming school year, the KPHS staff will devise and schedule random diverse activities throughout the school year. The first such activity was done while staff were preparing for the upcoming school year during the staff orientation days. Staff brought different items to share at lunch so that all KPCS staff could eat together and fellowship with one another. Staff was also encouraged to participate in a show and tell of sorts through the use of “This Is Your Life.” Many members brought items unique to their history and shared them with one another. Many funny stories were shared as well as some touching ones. All in all, the staff has a better understanding of one another on a personal level which will lend itself to understanding one another on a professional level. Cohesiveness among our staff will model cohesiveness with our student population.

Tuesday evening the 16th, all nine through twelve students were invited to attend and welcome picnic. Twenty-seven of our 42 students attended and enjoyed games, activities, and wonderful food prepared by staff grillers and other members who brought in desserts and refreshments. This built moral with our returning students and in coming foreign exchange students. When asked by a show of hands, students overwhelmingly agreed that they enjoyed the picnic and would like to participate in more such activities.

The staff of KPCS is eagerly anticipating future endeavors of casual fun activities to be had by all willing to participate. The school improvement team’s mission for the school year is to implement safe leadership opportunities which enable students at KPCS to build a lasting school and community legacy.

Our vision is modeling school cohesiveness on a staff and student level; to build a place where students are empowered to leave a lasing positive legacy through integrity, diverse teamwork, and creativity. One such way is by all staff wearing new black shirts every Wednesday with Keya Paha County Schools embroidered on them. Our school board has graciously provided the first ten dollars for each staff member purchasing a school shirt.

Keep an eye out for staff and student unity in the days to come.


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